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These days, we’ve grown so accustomed to all of the gadgets that put the world at our fingertips that some of us can scarcely survive without them. Are you one of the many BlackBerry addicts out there? Gary Mazo, Martin Trautschold and Kevin Michaluk, authors of Crackberry: True Tales of Blackberry Use and Abuse came up with the following quiz. Answer yes or no to each question and tally your affirmative answers at the end to see just how addicted you are.

  1. DO YOU constantly think about using your BlackBerry?
  2. DO YOU constantly check your BlackBerry, even when you know there is no new email?
  3. DO YOU ever sneak away from people or groups to use your BlackBerry without anyone knowing? 
  4. DO YOU deny it when asked if you were just using your BlackBerry? 
  5. DO YOU have to check your BlackBerry before bed and immediately upon waking? 
  6. DO YOU use your BlackBerry in the bathroom? 
  7. DO YOU wish you could use your BlackBerry in the shower?
  8. HAVE YOU ever ignored others in a conversation to use your BlackBerry? 
  9. HAVE YOU ever checked your BlackBerry while at a meal with others? 
  10. HAVE YOU ever checked your BlackBerry while at a stoplight? 
  11. HAVE YOU ever read your BlackBerry while driving a vehicle? 
  12. HAVE YOU ever typed on your BlackBerry while driving a vehicle? 
  13. DO YOU check your BlackBerry while riding your bike or walking on a busy street? 
  14. HAVE YOU ever bumped into someone because you were looking at your BlackBerry instead of watching where you’re going? 
  15. HAVE YOU ever put down your BlackBerry swearing that you won’t use it, and then find yourself picking it up again shortly thereafter? 
  16. DO YOU try to stop using your BlackBerry on weekends and on vacation, but can’t do it? 
  17. DO YOU feel that you have to check your BlackBerry at least every hour outside work hours? 
  18. DO YOU feel that you have to check your BlackBerry at least every 30 minutes during the work day? 
  19. DO YOU use your BlackBerry even when you know you have no emails or calls that need to be answered before the next work day? 
  20. HAS ANYONE ever approached you with concern about your BlackBerry use? 
  21. DO YOU have multiple backup batteries or multiple charging cables to be sure that your BlackBerry is never without power? 
  22. DO YOU have a backup BlackBerry handheld, in case your current one breaks or fails? 
  23. DO YOU spend more than 30 minutes a day just doing anything on your BlackBerry? 
  24. DO YOU play games on your BlackBerry (for more than 30 minutes per week)? 
  25. DO YOU feel “lost” or “naked” when you don’t have your BlackBerry with you? 
  26. DO YOU feel hopeless about your relationship with your BlackBerry?

What was Your score? 
# Of yes answers:

0: No addiction (are you being honest?)
1-5: Mild addiction
6-10: Medium addiction
11-15: Strong addiction
16-19: Painful addiction
20+: Beyond addiction and into obsession (get help now!)