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The most exhilarating part of my work is my interaction with employees—working with them to achieve their full potential. Whether it’s a formal or informal setting within a department, a quarterly town hall meeting, a weekly stand-up meeting with department heads or an impromptu exchange in a hallway, communicating regularly with employees is vital to our mission. It’s important for two reasons. First, it allows me an opportunity to listen, answer questions and say “thank you.” Secondly, it provides me an opportunity to share my passion with them, and in turn, their passion fuels my own.

Passion. Leadership without passion is nothing more than a hollow promise. Integrity, courage, commitment, respect, honesty, vision—these are all necessary attributes of an effective leader. Yet without passion, without the determination to see your goals through, these essential leadership qualities may not be necessary because no one will listen or follow.

Meeting with new employees for the first time during employee orientation, I’m always curious what has brought them to Proctor. When I hear comments like “Proctor has a nurturing environment,” or “Friends and family have had wonderful experiences, and I wanted to work here,” or “Proctor saved my sister,” that tells me that people in the community are talking about us and telling our story. And it makes me work harder for the employees who have created these unmatched healthcare experiences and for new employees who have a desire to be part of the Proctor family. It reminds me that when you share your passion, people notice.

Emergency Room Nurse Manager Faith Neuhauser worked at Proctor during the 1990s and returned in May 2010. “Proctor was changing their culture and creating a presence in the community,” she remarked. “I knew where Proctor had been, and I wanted to help implement change. It was a good decision because the work has challenged me, and I have grown professionally.”

Darrell Pentecost, Environmental and Linen Services manager, says his expectations have all been exceeded. Darrell joined Proctor last November. “Watching how Proctor employees go out of their way to assist patients and visitors is impressive,” he said. Human Resources Administrative Assistant Megan Daxenbichler wasn’t very familiar with Proctor, but says, “After my first interview I was sold. The people I work with are outstanding, and I admire them. I’m excited and glad I accepted the position to come to work at Proctor. The people here have been so welcoming, and everyone has helped make my transition so comfortable. I appreciate it.”

This is the type of passion that leaders should be looking for and nurturing. Passionate employees make for passionate leaders, too, as they share their passion with co-workers. It’s inspiring. That’s what great leadership is all about: sharing your passion whenever and wherever you can, and integrating the passion that your employees share, all for a common purpose, your mission.

Our mission, to provide unmatched healthcare experiences…every day, reflects our collective passion for providing the best possible patient-centered care. That’s what we’re all about and, one of the reasons I love what I do.

Employees want to feel that passion. They want to be part of something bigger than just an incentive or a pay check. When employees feel that passion from their leadership and all around them within the organization, they take that same passion with them everywhere they go. They become wonderful ambassadors. That’s what passion-driven leadership can do.

You can teach tasks, job skills and specific functions, but it’s passion that inspires. Congratulations to all of the 2011 40 Leaders Under Forty. You make a difference each day, and it is noticed. Thank you for your leadership, and yes, your passion! iBi