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Chad Udell is a solutions architect and team leader for The Iona Group, a communications agency that produces motion graphics, video solutions, websites and other interactive experiences. He is responsible for developing solutions that best fit clients’ business goals and requirements, and has implemented many new practices, policies and procedures in his tenure with the company. Since his arrival, he has helped to recruit, evaluate, hire and retain virtually all of the company’s new hires, and was responsible for starting the company’s internship program.

Udell is also managing director of Float Mobile Learning, Iona’s recently formed spin-off company, with responsibility for managing the entire business. He has overseen the company’s rapid growth, with second-year revenue at roughly five times the first year’s revenue, and has helped industry-leading clients like Caterpillar and State Farm harness the power of mobile learning.

His qualifications as an expert strategist, developer and designer make Udell highly sought-after for his thought leadership. He has spoken to numerous corporations, trade associations, commerce groups and academic institutions and served as a keynote speaker at regional and national conferences. He was recently asked by the American Society for Training and Development to conduct a four-part webinar series on mobile learning.

Udell was instrumental in forming the inaugural Float Mobile Learning Symposium held at Bradley University last June, where he presented on mobile learning pedagogy, technology and brand advocacy. He was recently asked by two different publishers to write a book on mobile learning, which is scheduled to come out next summer.

Taking the lead on Iona’s pro bono work within the community, Udell has helped organizations like the American Red Cross and the Morton Economic Development Council develop new marketing tools and websites. He has also been a key faculty member in Bradley University’s interactive department for more than five years.

Udell has received several awards for his web and multimedia work, and has authored articles for numerous trade magazines. iBi