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Darrin Maue is a manufacturing project engineer at Caterpillar Inc., and has served as both a DMEDI and DMAIC Black Belt for the company. He currently serves as the User Requirements Lead and supply chain packaging subject matter expert for a new software tool called Manufacturing Enterprise Packaging System.

In addition to his full-time position at Caterpillar, Maue is the owner and manager of Optimistic Properties, a growing real estate company. He manages all of the finances and bookkeeping, and recently oversaw the addition of three buildings to the business, which now has 15 buildings encompassing 58 individual apartments.

Looking to contribute to his rural community, Maue ran for and was elected to the position of trustee for Rosefield Township in 2009. In this position, he is part of the team that manages the township’s limited resources, maintains the roads, and helps residents who require additional assistance.

An Eagle Scout himself, Maue remains active with the Boy Scouts of America by serving as a scout leader for his son’s Cub Scout pack. He is a volunteer with Peoria Area Community Events, vice president of the Tazewell County Numismatic Society, and is active with Friends of the NRA, which provides grants for educational opportunities for children to pursue outdoor activities. He has raised money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and participates in the organization’s annual JDRF Walk. He is an active blood donor and contributes regularly to the American Red Cross.

In addition to his professional and volunteer commitments, Maue manages a small farm on which he has run several herds of cattle over the past eight years. In 2004, he spearheaded a soil erosion reduction project that involved removing two acres of land from production and managing it for soil conservation, and entailed the building of dry dams, berms and field tile. iBi