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Thanks to a $5 million pledge from The Caterpillar Foundation, the Nature Conservancy’s Great Rivers Partnership is again expanding. With the goal of sustaining the world’s great rivers that support the economies, people and environments that depend on them, the program aims to bring diverse partners, innovative science and global stakeholders together to find solutions to common land and water use issues.

The GRP was launched with an initial $12 million investment from the Caterpillar Foundation, and the recent $5 million pledge will allow it to expand its work to more of the world’s great river systems.

“Through its support, the Caterpillar Foundation is making a significant difference in global freshwater conservation,” said Mark Tercek, president and CEO of the Conservancy. “The GRP is making a real impact in people’s lives, from finding ways to feed a growing population through sustainable agriculture to working with upstream landowners to ensure clean water for downstream communities. These are big solutions to big problems.”

Since 2007, the GRP has been successful in implementing ecosystem restoration and conservation initiatives in China’s upper Yangtze River, the upper Mississippi River basin and rural Brazil. After receiving Caterpillar’s initial investment, said Michael Reuter, director of the Great Rivers Partnership, “we’ve broadened our partnership base and gained support from companies like Monsanto, Cargill, Ingram Barge, Pioneer, IBM, Wells Fargo, Alliant Energy, and YSI.” Coupled with the continued support of the Caterpillar Foundation, these contributions will allow the GRP to continue to widen its global impact.

“The Great Rivers Partnership has made tremendous strides in its first five years to improve lives around the world, and the Caterpillar Foundation is pleased to renew its support,” said Caterpillar Chairman and CEO Doug Oberhelman. “As a global company headquartered on the banks of the Illinois River, Caterpillar is proud to support the Partnership’s broad network of stakeholders that understands the strong link between a sustainable environment and a sustainable economy.” iBi

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