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As a strategic clinical analyst for OSF Saint Francis Medical Center, Kelly Anderson is responsible for the overall clinical strategies that support cost-effective management for patient care. In this role, she has taken data management and transparency to new levels.

Anderson leads strategic planning for the patient care division and assesses opportunities for quality improvement, working with more than 100 managers and directors. She works with management to assess, design and implement strategies to ensure adequate staffing, appropriate patient bed placement, and efficient processes to best meet staff and patient needs while ensuring safe, quality and patient care. Her role is instrumental in the achievement of quality care for over 40,000 patient admissions every year.

As the first clinical Six Sigma Lead Green Belt for OSF Saint Francis, Anderson was recognized nationally at the 2008 National Magnet Conference, where the medical center presented its work on a redesigned performance improvement model. Now a Six Sigma Black Belt, she continues to demonstrate her commitment and expertise at team leadership and project management. Her quiet leadership has transformed the organization as she has worked tirelessly to strategically align performance scorecards from the bedside to the boardroom.

Last year, as co-chair of OSF Saint Francis Medical Center’s United Way program, Anderson designed and created the fundraising theme that involved sharing this community outreach with nearly 6,000 employees. She currently serves as co-chair for the organization’s Above and Beyond program, which provides supplemental funds to meet patient and employee financial needs.

In addition to her professional work, Anderson has been active in her support of local education, regularly volunteering her time at Washington Central Primary School and Washington Central Intermediate School. She has also been involved with the American Heart Association and the Women’s Lifestyle Show, and supports her daughter and more than 200 others at the United Starz Academy and Cheer Time USA in Morton. iBi