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As technology, globalization and other trends reshape the employment landscape, new and innovative careers rise up while others fall away., the largest employment website in the U.S., compiled a list of 10 new careers that didn’t even exist just 10 years ago:

  1. Bloggers research and write blog posts in a conversational style to engage readers online, working either for themselves or corporations, with a goal of promoting a brand, mission or objective.
  2. Community managers or content managers serve as liaisons between a company and the public, managing a website that allows them to engage with community members and spread the word about their company.
  3. Green funeral directors incorporate environmentally friendly options to meet the needs of families who want green services, such as embalming with formaldehyde-free products, organic flowers and biodegradable clothing.
  4. Interior redesigners find new ways to decorate with items clients already own, repurposing them or moving them to other rooms.
  5. Patient advocates make sure that patients and families are informed by accompanying patients to appointments, ensuring they visit with the right specialists and take the right medications, and negotiating fees with providers and insurance companies.
  6. Senior move management companies help older adults and families with the physical and emotional demands of downsizing, relocating or modifying their homes.
  7. Social media strategists use social media tools to help companies interact with consumers, increase brand awareness, create buzz and provide information.
  8. User experience analysts look for ways to make using websites easier, more pleasant and more engaging for consumers.
  9. Video journalists are hired by large-market news groups and assigned to produce stories for the station’s website, finding content to drive web traffic.  
  10. Virtual business service providers form their own companies by way of telecommuting, offering such virtual services as concierge services or public relations from their homes. iBi