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Since its founding in 1978, Planetree has been a pioneer in personalizing, humanizing and demystifying the healthcare experience for patients and their families. Founded by a patient, the Planetree Model is committed to providing healthcare from the patient’s perspective. It empowers patients and families through information and education, and encourages “healing partnerships” with caregivers to support active participation. Through organizational transformation, the Planetree Model creates healing environments in which patients can be active participants and caregivers are enabled to thrive.

In 2009, we adopted new mission and vision statements that I felt more clearly defined who we are (our mission: provide unmatched healthcare experiences…every day) and where we want to go (our vision: to be your most trusted healthcare partner). When you promise to provide an “unmatched healthcare experience…every day,” and people put their trust in you, it’s time to raise the patient care experience to greater heights, and you’d better be more than prepared to meet increased expectations.

While Proctor Hospital has always been recognized for providing outstanding personalized patient care, based on feedback from patients, physicians and community leaders, I knew we could do better. During 2010, our team conducted site visits and assessed three nationally recognized patient-centered care organizations. Each made presentations, were interviewed and evaluated. The selection process was rigorous. Once we selected Planetree, it was then their turn to evaluate us. Last June, Proctor Hospital became a Planetree affiliate, and Pollyanna Souza was recruited and hired as Planetree coordinator.

When asked to describe the Planetree philosophy in a word or two, she said it best when she said “human touch.”

Planetree is about cultural change. It’s about patient-centered care. It’s about meeting patient needs and expectations with the best technology and clinical team, utilizing best practices, and doing so within an environment that not only allows that human touch and kindness, but nurtures it. That’s exactly what I envision when I think of Proctor Health Care—providing healthcare experiences that are unmatched, in a patient-centered environment that instills compassion and trust.

The Planetree philosophy and beliefs are intrinsic to what all human beings want and deserve—that we are human beings caring for other human beings; that we are all caregivers and that is best achieved through kindness and compassion.

Components of the Planetree model of care provide insight into the cultural change that is taking place:

Planetree is global, and our affiliation allows us access to a wealth of information; each affiliate adopts the Planetree model in its own unique way.

Proctor Health Care is changing. Throughout 2011, we will integrate the Planetree philosophy into every aspect of our culture.

My goal over the next three years is to see Proctor Health Care become a Planetree Designated Patient-Centered Organization. This designation recognizes achievement and innovation, creating a hospital culture where patient comfort, dignity, empowerment and well-being are as vital as the clinical care provided.

Everyone associated with Proctor Health Care is excited to partner with Planetree. The possibilities are endless. iBi