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Workers’ compensation premiums cost employers millions annually. However, many of the costs associated with claims can be significantly reduced—and some can even be eliminated. Take a minute to take the following survey and see where your company stands…or falls.

(1) Safety programming

  1. Our safety program includes specific opportunities for employees to provide input for a safe work environment. [Y/N]
  2. Our company has a detailed safety orientation for new employees. [Y/N]
  3. We recognize employees for safe work practices. [Y/N]
  4. Our company completes a thorough systematic investigation of any injury or accident within 24-48 hours of the incident. [Y/N]
  5. We have a modified (i.e., light) duty program. [Y/N]

(2) Insurance Coverage

  1. My company is categorized correctly for my workers’ compensation coverage. [Y/N]
  2. I know what a “mod rate” is. [Y/N]
  3. I know what my company’s mod rate is. [Y/N]
  4. I have a specific contact at the insurance company regarding claims investigation and adjudication. [Y/N]
  5. My mod rate is 1.00 or less. [Y/N]

(3) Medical Provider

  1. We have designated medical and rehab providers for injuries. [Y/N]
  2. Our provider is willing to discuss issues surrounding an injury, not just the medical aspects. [Y/N]
  3. We receive timely reports regarding initial injuries and follow-up appointments. [Y/N]
  4. Our medical provider’s protocols allow me to decide whether or not I can accommodate an employee with restrictions (i.e., my provider does not write employees off work for injuries except in emergent circumstances or without consulting me). [Y/N]
  5. My medical provider understands the relationship between care choices and OSHA recordables (e.g., prescription medications automatically turn an otherwise minor injury into a recordable). [Y/N]
  6. Our provider works hard to match an injured worker’s abilities to physical demands of our modified or light duty work. [Y/N]
  7. We have a positive working relationship with our provider. [Y/N]

To score this survey, count the number of “No” answers and use the following key:
Does your company spend too much on workers’ compensation?
If you fit any of these categories, then chances are “Yes.”

  1. Three or more “No” answers on entire survey
  2. Two or more “No” answers within sections 1 and 2 of the survey
  3. One or more “No” answers on any question in section 3.

If you do have questions or concerns, there are many resources to help you get on the right track. What are the areas of your concerns? Are they in the safety, insurance or medical provider area? Is it a combination of areas or all three? Use the headings to make a contact. If your area of concern is insurance, call your broker. If it is medical, call you medical provider. If you are uncertain about where to go for assistance, email me at [email protected]. iBi