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My Favorites… Janice Kinsinger

Janice M. Kinsinger is instrumental to ICC’s internal operations as the associate dean of instructional innovation and learning resources at Illinois Central College.She works to assimilate new faculty members and orchestrate the school’s annual August Celebration of Learning—a week filled with events for faculty and staff. She also supervises the libraries and learning labs, and handles curriculum and scheduling services for the college. When she’s not busy at ICC, she loves to golf, bike and visit with family—“wherever they may be,” which meant recent trips to Colorado, Senegal and France. Here are some more of her favorites.

Favorite Books

  1. What Happens When Women Pray by Evelyn Christenson. We studied this during one of my first women’s Bible studies as a young mother at Bethel Lutheran Church in Morton. I truly learned to pray from my heart.
  2. Some Wildflower in My Heart by Jamie Langston Turner. A remarkable book about friendships and the power of Christian love.
  3. Creating Significant Learning Experiences by L. Dee Fink. Probably the best professional read for my career.
  4. The Andromeda Strain by Michael Crichton. I read this as I began my clinical laboratory science studies at U of I in 1969. I loved the blend of microbiology and criminal investigation, long before all of the CSI-type programs of today!
  5. Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. I always loved this “relationship story”…but I loved the Broadway musical even more.

Favorite Peoria-Area Foods

  1. Lightly Buttered Popcorn @ Lou’s Drive-In. A recent, sinful discovery!
  2. Crab and Shrimp Nachos @ Jonah’s Seafood House. Always shared with a good friend and colleague for an off-campus lunch!
  3. Half Slab of Ribs and Salad @ Texas Roadhouse. Tender, juicy ribs—and don’t forget the rolls and butter!
  4. Iced Mocha (skim, 1 pump, 1 shot, no whip) @ ICC’s Café Breve. The best special-order iced mocha with the best service around.
  5. Thin Crust Pizza @ Monical’s Pizza. Have to get the “Family Pleaser Meal” with the salad bowl & creamy Italian and French dressings!


Become a Meeting Master

Workplace meetings can be overscheduled, unstructured, overloaded wastes of time. Don’t let meetings become dramatic productions. Business etiquette experts Barbara Pachter and Marjorie Brody offer the following tips on how to become a meeting master.

Source: Complete Business Etiquette Handbook by Barbara Pachter and Marjorie Brody


The Richest Colleges

Tuition costs continue to skyrocket, but some universities are sitting atop gold mines. Although some endowment funds come with restrictions on spending, many leading universities have been criticized for sitting on collected money while raising student costs. Last year, the National Association of College and University Business Owners, in its evaluation of the endowment funds for 839 institutions in the U.S., found there are more than 75 with over $1 billion in the bank. Here are the top five richest colleges. See the whole list at

Endowment funds last year: $31.7 billion
Undergraduate tuition: $52,652 for tuition, room and board, 2011-12

Endowment funds last year: $19.4 billion
Undergraduate tuition: $52,700 for tuition, room and board, 2011-12

Endowment funds last year: $17.2 billion
Undergraduate tuition: $9,816-residents, $32,594-nonresidents, tuition only, 2011-12

Endowment funds last year: $17.1 billion
Undergraduate tuition: $54,780, estimated, for tuition, room and board, 2012-13

Endowment funds last year: $17 billion
Undergraduate tuition: $52,860 for tuition, room and board, 2011-12. iBi