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On April 9, 2012, Proctor Hospital will go live with a new health information system (HIS) and electronic medical record (EMR). This exciting and challenging multi-year project has involved countless stakeholders representing every level of Proctor Health Care. The EMR will transform hospital information management, creating a more efficient system to capture, index, store and retrieve patient information. Physicians and staff can securely access patient information anytime, from anywhere—vital, especially in an emergency, when it may be life-saving. One of its most celebrated benefits is that physicians and clinicians will have more time to spend with their patients.

Phase II of the “go-live” takes place during June and July and includes computerized physician (provider) order entry (CPOE), a process of electronic entry of physician orders for patient care and physician documentation and medication reconciliation. Medication reconciliation is a perfect example of a critical safety issue that will be addressed. Providers can easily and accurately compare a patient’s medication orders to all medications the patient has been taking, avoiding errors such as omission, duplication, dose or drug interactions. Orders will be communicated electronically to appropriate medical staff and the departments (pharmacy, laboratory or radiology) responsible for fulfilling the order.

Last April, Proctor went live with CPACS, a cardiology picture archiving and communication system that helps manage images retrieved from cardiovascular and vascular areas. This further enhances access to medical imaging studies and the existing PACS system used for diagnostic imaging. Last June through September, Proctor First Care and Proctor Medical Group offices went live with their EMR. Their ambulatory system will interface with the hospital’s information system, Paragon, this summer.

Patients and caregivers alike will experience a more efficient health information system that will enhance scheduling and registration, retrieval of medical information, nursing documentation, physician orders, and financial and billing information. Proctor Hospital is a charter member of the Central Illinois Health Information Exchange (CIHIE), which is connecting healthcare providers within our 20-county region to securely share patient information electronically. Through its allcharts™ software, caregivers will have access to vital medical information—with the patient’s consent. Proctor Health Care will actively participate in the CIHIE, with Proctor First Care and Proctor Medical Group implementation through spring and summer and hospital implementation through the fall and winter of 2012.

In addition, a new kind of patient experience will emerge at Proctor Hospital in 2012—a more sensory one, affecting patients and caregivers through sight, sound and even smell. A healing garden is planned as part of our Planetree experience, to provide an inviting natural setting where individuals can relax and take a few moments for themselves. The healing garden will feature trees, shrubs, flowers and plants of all kinds, quiet walkways and water elements, including a brook and fountain. No doubt this will also be a place for birds and butterflies, too.

The garden will provide many private spaces for families, friends and caregivers to gather. The groundbreaking is scheduled for June 2012. You can take a virtual tour of the garden, purchase a commemorative pathway brick or become a sponsor by visiting

These two projects will greatly enhance the patient and caregiver experience by providing greater efficiency and communication of health information and providing a unique spot where everyone can indulge in a quiet moment. At Proctor Hospital, we’re focused on patient-centered care, inside and out.