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Follow these tips to protect your smartphone against malware.

Consumers are familiar with malware that attacks their personal computers, and most understand the measures necessary to protect against it, but there is new malware that targets smartphones with Android operating systems. The Better Business Bureau is warning the owners of these devices about the need to take precautions.

Initial reports of these malware complaints came from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. There are two versions of the malware that hit the Android systems in different ways. Loozfon is similar to phishing emails that lure users with offers of prizes or fast cash. By opening the email, the link pushes the malware onto the device and enables it to steal the address book and its contents. The second, FinFisher, uses text messages or links to load the malware onto the phone. Once installed, FinFisher is able to control and monitor the mobile device, regardless of its location.

It is important to understand the different ways that malware can infiltrate a mobile device. By understanding how it works, consumers can better protect their phones and their sensitive information. The BBB advises that mobile device users follow these steps:

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