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Do you find yourself in a perpetual rush, only to still arrive to your appointments five minutes late? According to a study by Diana DeLonzor, management consultant and author of Never Be Late Again, this has less to do with inconsideration and more to do with your personality and psychological state.

Among participants labeled as “chronically late,” DeLonzer found clear patterns suggesting increased anxiety, distraction, ambivalence and other mental states. Late people tended to procrastinate more, demonstrate less self-control, show an affinity for thrill-seeking, experience restlessness and have trouble focusing. While these characteristics make tardiness a tough habit to break, figuring out what kind of late person you are is a good start. DeLonzer says most fall into one or more of these three categories:

Other tardy personalities include: the rationalizer (who can never fully admit to his or her tardiness), the indulger (who lacks self-control in general), the evader (who attempts to control feelings of anxiety and low self-esteem by arriving late) and the rebel (who arrives when he or she pleases to assert power). Becoming aware of the root cause of your unpunctuality is the first step to fixing it. Identify the factors that habitually hold you up, and try these tips to get back on the fast track: