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Peoria-area residents seeking GMO-free, natural and organic foods and products have a new delivery option. Last fall, an Azure Standard drop location was established in Washington, adding to the Tri-County Area’s other drop locations in Peoria and Morton.

Azure Standard is a company that delivers natural, organic and earth-friendly foods and products to customers, buying clubs and retailers in more than 30 states. Customers place monthly orders on its website or by phone, and the products are delivered to their respective, volunteer-run drops. “Azure Standard gives me access to more varieties of healthful foods than I can get locally,” affirms Morton resident Sharon Chinn-Heritch.

The company adheres to strict standards for its offerings, shunning foods that contain artificial preservatives or sweeteners, fluoride, GMOs, pork products, shellfish products, tobacco, refined sugars and bleached flours, among other ingredients. Not only do its customers seek a greater variety of healthy foods, some order through the company due to social implications.

“I try to buy products grown or made with fair wages, sustainable practices, and from small businesses,” explains Peoria resident Kassy Killey, noting that the savings she has seen inspired her to volunteer at Azure Standard’s Peoria drop.

Chinn-Heritch adds that cost savings are another reason she orders from Azure Standard. “I appreciate having a family-run business that uses the power of group buys to get good prices,” she says.

Aside from the variety of options, reasonable prices and ability to align purchases with her values, Peoria resident Kandance Stamer Bernal says she has formed connections with other customers in the area. “I get to see my fellow health enthusiasts when I go to pick up my order,” she explains. “We have a nice community of people buying in this way, and it is nice to share resources with one another.”iBi

A Facebook page representing the three Tri-County drop locations is available at, and to learn more about the company, visit