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Located two blocks from the Illinois River, one Peoria-based IT company drew inspiration for its latest endeavor from local waters. This July, CSE Software announced the release of a new mobile game, Kamikaze Karp—the first from a company better known for the creation of serious mobile apps, simulations and other technologies for training and healthcare.

The game features a character named Bob who walks along the shore of a river where the fish fly rampant. Users must test their bow-fishing skills to target the flying carp and turn them into coins to gain points. In conjunction with Peoria’s Flying Fish Festival and Bow Fishing Tournament on July 12th, CSE staff was on site to help visitors download the game, currently available for free in the Apple store and as an Andoid app in the Google Play store.

“What started out as an off-the-cuff suggestion turned into something real,” says Annette Bailey, CSE marketing strategist, recalling how the idea arose from a conversation between CEO Ken Pflederer and a friend who owns a pontoon boat. They initially joked how the real-life experience of dodging and killing carp on the Illinois River would make a great game. “Certainly anybody locally has been able to experience the fish,” notes Bailey. “You can’t go anywhere near the water without seeing them jump!”

In the coming months, numerous enhancements, including new levels and additional weapons, will follow the initial launch.

So far, the game’s been quite popular with kids, but Bailey confirms adults are just as addicted. “If you know anything about gamers, they come in all shapes, sizes and ages,” she says, laughing. And in an age of concern over games promoting violence, she adds there’s no better target: “Make it a carp! And turn them into coins… that’s even better!” iBi

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