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As advanced manufacturing engineering supervisor for Caterpillar Inc., Michael G. Simpson supports large, complex manufacturing operations through tool design, assembly, processing, cost estimates, system planning and beyond. He trains and leads staff to meet the rigorous requirements of the manufacturing and assembly process, implementing cost reduction projects and solving complex problems that require careful analysis and diagnosis.

Since coming to Caterpillar six years ago, Simpson’s drive, relationship-building skills and design expertise have produced strong results. He is a global process owner for the company’s Manufacturing Advanced Product Quality Planning process and leads strategic manufacturing engineering efforts within the track-type tractor product groups, managing a staff that provides services and support to more than 20 facilities in seven countries. With Caterpillar’s focus on compliance with new federal and international environmental regulations, he has provided invaluable input and leadership.

As mentor and board member of the Caterpillar Experienced Professional Direct Hire Affinity Group, Simpson works to improve the employee onboarding program. By assisting with the Central Illinois Discover Manufacturing Expo, he is helping to build the next generation of manufacturing professionals by exposing them to potential career pathways.

Simpson is dedicated to a range of charitable causes, with an emphasis on supporting special-needs children. He has served as an Easter Seals VIP for the last four years, recruiting new volunteers and helping to raise thousands of dollars for the organization. From assisting with facility beautification projects to preparing for the annual Cattle Auction, Simpson’s dedication to children is also evident in his volunteer efforts with the Children’s Home. He has dedicated his time to Access March Madness, making the games and activities of the March Madness Experience accessible to children with disabilities, and volunteered and raised funds for Habitat for Humanity, Pets for Vets, United Way, American Cancer Society, The Center for Prevention of Abuse and Washington Tornado Disaster Relief.

Simpson enjoys spending time with his wife and son, as well as woodworking, fishing and home improvement projects. iBi