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Molly D. McKenna is owner and lead physical therapist at McKenna Physical Therapy, a clinic specializing in orthopedic and women’s health conditions, where she evaluates and treats patients, develops and trains staff, and manages clinic operations. A physical therapist for over a decade, McKenna is one of just 194 board-certified women’s clinical specialists in the country—and the only one in the Peoria area. Since opening the clinic in 2013, she has seen hundreds of new patients and grown her business from one to five employees.

McKenna previously worked for Premier Healthcare, where she helped develop programs to service unique needs beyond what traditional physical therapy can offer, including Helping Hands, a geriatric conditioning program; Her Health, a women’s health program; and VertiGone, a vestibular rehabilitation program. She is a certified vestibular rehabilitation therapist and has earned CAPP-Pelvic and CAPP-OB certifications, demonstrating proficiency in the areas of pelvic, pregnant and postpartum physical therapy.

As a member of the CAPP-OB Committee, McKenna helps standardize post-professional training for treating patients with pregnancy, postpartum and pelvic conditions. She reviews all current literature and research, incorporating it into the curriculum taught to physical therapists across the nation. She is a lab instructor for the Section on Women’s Health, a division of the American Physical Therapy Association, and volunteers her time in Bradley University’s pre-professional program, sharing her personal journey so students can envision what it would be like to be a physical therapist.

Elsewhere, McKenna’s passion for supporting women can be seen in her role as troop leader for St. Philomena’s Girl Scout Troop 4486, where she enjoys helping girls build their courage, confidence and character. She also volunteers for church and school activities at St. Philomena and has previously volunteered for Big Brothers Big Sisters.

A wife and mother of two, McKenna learned about business at a young age working in her father’s hardware store in Peoria. Today, she runs her own small business—and by living her own passion for helping others, she inspires by example. iBi