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The interview is the most important part of your job search.

Yes, it’s important to craft a strong, accurate résumé—but like it or not, most jobs are secured or lost in the interview stage. Don’t let your job search ride on a piece of paper.

I never saw a résumé—and only a résumé—get a job. That’s why you should put more effort into preparing for interviews than you do into any other part of your job search campaign.

While there are no perfect answers, some thought and discussion about potentially tricky interview subjects can help you avoid disaster. Here is a sampling of the 79 interview questions I review in my book, Super Job Search IV:

You may not be asked these specific questions in your interview, but knowing how you want to answer them will ensure that you’re prepared to discuss a wide variety of topics that might come up. You don’t want to have to formulate a complicated answer in the midst of an already nerve-wracking situation! iBi

Peter K. Studner is the author of Super Job Search IV. He is a master career counselor and former chief executive and board member of companies in the United States, France, and Great Britain. For more information, visit