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The Arrival of Windows 10
Microsoft’s latest OS upgrade is available for free—now through July 29, 2016. The biggest changes? A new start menu, Cortana—the voice-activated personal assistant, a new tablet mode and the launch of Edge—the web browser replacement for Internet Explorer. The early reviews are in, and it’s considered a huge improvement over Windows 8, its predecessor, which frustrated longtime users. To learn more, visit

Trends in Business Matchmaking
According to CNN Money’s recent assessment of business searches on, a site that connects small businesses with prospective clients, the following businesses are topping customer searches—making them prime, and sometimes unusual, startup ideas:

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It’s 5:00 Somewhere…
Prohibited in the Land of Lincoln since 1989, Happy Hours are back! Significant changes to Illinois’ “Happy Hour” law—Public Act 99-0046—now allow for hourly drink specials, replacing the previous constraints of all-day specials only. But some restrictions still apply:

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The Illinois Green Office Challenge encourages friendly competition amongst office buildings to achieve energy and water conservation and waste reduction. The results of the 2014-2015 competition are in, and three of the top 10 were from Peoria! The winner for the Peoria area—and ranking third overall—was Peoria Charter Coach for its Peoria Charter Plaza. Not far behind was Peoria County, ranked fifth for the Peoria County Courthouse, while engineering firm Dewberry ranked seventh for its Peoria office. For more information on this pilot program of the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center, a division of the Prairie Research Institute at the University of Illinois, visit

Five [at] 55
A majority of adult Americans lack the legal documents to protect them and their families from serious legal complications that can arise in a health emergency or death. That’s why elder law firms around the country are leading the 5@55 campaign, an effort to inform the public of the importance of obtaining legal protection no later than the age of 55. According to 5@55, the basic documents everyone should complete by age 55 include:

“This is going to be more important going forward as Medicare has proposed a new rule which, starting in January 2016, will allow doctors to be compensated for having an end-of-life discussion with their patients,” says 5@55 attorney William C. Wombacher of Peoria. “It is going to be important to have documents in place in order to carry out patient wishes.” For more information, visit

Startup in a Day
Peoria was one of 25 U.S. cities to be awarded $50,000 from the Startup in a Day Competition, an initiative by the U.S. Small Business Administration. Cesar Suarez, City of Peoria senior business development specialist, led the local effort in preparing the application, with support from Startup Peoria, Peoria County and the Greater Peoria Economic Development Council. The funds will be used to streamline processes so startups can receive applications for licenses, permits and other requirements in a single business day. For more information, visit iBi