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On July 6, 2015, the KiddiePreneur online academy will open its virtual gates to children eight to 17 years of age. The program provides children with the knowledge and competence to start their own businesses and ultimately launch a successful, well-paid career.

KiddiePreneur is an online program that offers a convenient learning environment where children can acquire entrepreneurial knowledge and skills by undergoing 20 hours of business training split into ten two-hour sessions. According to founder Chrissy Steed, the course includes developing children’s ideas, marketing, finances, presentation, branding and much more. The academy is set up so children from around the world can work together cohesively in a friendly, online environment. In addition, participants receive peer feedback and guidance from students in the class from various walks of life.

“Entrepreneurship has become an important part of building a solid career and earning a substantial income,” Steed declares. “KiddiePreneur will help children acquire the mind of an entrepreneur from early years, enabling them to turn creativity into productivity and sell their products in a major way. The online program covers the essence of entrepreneurship, starting with basic knowledge delivered in a kid-friendly manner that encourages them to keep learning and evolving. Studies have shown that children who are confident perform better in school and in life.”

The online program will culminate in June 2016 with an entire weekend of events, including a graduation ceremony and opportunity for children to publicly showcase their business and products and receive recognition for their work. For more information about the KiddiePreneur Online Academy, visit iBi