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Behavioral strategist explains how any leader can responsibly boost their visionary side.

Whether it’s a presidential candidate, a corporate executive or an NFL coach, people admire a leader with vision.

They like someone with a clear idea of where he or she is headed, and who knows how to motivate others to accomplish the goal.

But as much as people might like to say someone is a “born visionary,” in truth, vision is something we develop, not something we arrive in the world with. One thing that visionaries have in common is that they have an ability to notice things early. They recognize some sort of significant change is happening and they make use of the opportunities it presents.

Just identifying that a major change is afoot isn’t enough, though. The visionary needs to connect the dots into a coherent picture that takes into account future developments. That’s easier said than done, but it’s an ability leaders can develop if they are willing to work on it.

Growing a leader’s visionary side therefore boils down to sharpening both the ability to notice things early and the ability to create coherence. In combination, the abilities suggest four archetypes of leaders.

A powerful vision isn’t just nice to have. It’s the most important tool in the transformational leader’s toolbox. A leader’s personal imagination, inspiration and dedication are what will ignite the excitement in the people they lead. iBi

Rob-Jan de Jong is a behavioral strategist, international speaker, lecturer and author of Anticipate: The Art of Leading By Looking Ahead. For more information, visit