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Within the ever-evolving world of healthcare, change is inevitable. How healthcare providers adapt to that change could make a difference in their survival. OSF HealthCare is always looking for ways to improve the way we deliver healthcare; we want it to be what’s best for the patient. Some of that is achieved through partnerships and collaborations with other like-minded businesses and individuals.

Earlier this year, OSF HealthCare became a founding member in MATTER. Located in downtown Chicago, MATTER is a nonprofit organization that will function as a healthcare technology incubator comprised of entrepreneurs, innovators and industry leaders working together to improve the future of healthcare technology.

According to Matthew Warrens, executive director of operations, Jump Trading Simulation and Education Center on the campus of OSF Saint Francis will operate a usability study lab and clinical simulation space at MATTER for use in early proof-of-concept studies. This will create future collaborations of large-scale usability studies that would take place in Peoria, possibly leading to clinical trials and other opportunities across the OSF ministry. This summer will see the unveiling of the MATTER space at Jump in Peoria, further solidifying the relationship.

Initial participants include a broad representation of the healthcare industry, including healthcare and information technology providers, device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies. MATTER will bridge the connection between startups and industry leaders.

OSF HealthCare and Jump are the exclusive founding healthcare system and clinical simulation center partners—our involvement in MATTER puts us at the forefront of healthcare technology development and allows us to collaborate with others to develop solutions to the industry’s most pressing problems. We see this as another opportunity that further confirms that OSF HealthCare and Jump are national leaders in healthcare innovation.

When the team at Jump was asked to explain what types of things they will be working on, they said MATTER will focus on disrupting the healthcare delivery model, advancing cancer treatment, using patient data to improve outcomes, and creating wearable and implantable smart devices.

That first point jumped out at me: disrupting the healthcare delivery model. As a physician, that’s a little bit scary—and exciting—all at the same time. Take what doesn’t work and change it; take what works and make it better, all as a way to improve the care for our patients.

Dr. John Vozenilek, vice president of simulation and chief medical officer of Jump, sums up quite well why we want to be a part of this effort: “So often, Catholic healthcare is seen for what it is not. Here is an example of what it is and can be. Catholic healthcare can do the important work of ensuring access to care and love to all those in need. Catholic healthcare is smart and fast-paced, and most importantly, it makes a difference—it matters. Our team will contribute our unique know-how in a new way that allows others to design and build solutions for patient care access, testing, communication and more. This is a great moment reminding us that through collaboration and innovation, we are able to make a difference in people’s lives.” iBi

Mike Cruz, MD, is president of OSF Saint Francis Medical Center.