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40 Leaders Under Forty Fun Facts!

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

What is something no one in your office knows about you?

What is the number-one item on your bucket list?

What is one thing you would bring to Peoria if you could?

Global Leadership 101
“Leadership continues to be a pervasive concern among HR and business leaders around the world,” declares Deloitte in 2016 Global Human Capital Trends, a survey of 7,000 business and HR leaders in 130 countries. Eighty-nine percent of companies see leadership as important or very important, according to the report, while 28 percent reported weak or very weak leadership pipelines. And as organizations become more team-centric and business challenges grow more global and diverse, leadership is more important than ever.

To meet this challenge, organizations must develop fundamental capabilities among its leaders-to-be—“including the ability to collaborate across boundaries, conceptualize new solutions, motivate diverse teams, and develop the next generation of diverse and global leaders.” To do so, Deloitte suggests organizations mix different generations and leadership styles among critical teams, mentor potential leaders earlier in their careers, and develop them from deeper within the organization. iBi