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What’s fun, great exercise and a sport for all ages? It’s fencing, according to Elsayed Emara, head coach at Peoria Fencing Academy. One of three finalists for “Best-Kept Secret” in Peoria Magazines’ 2016 Best of Peoria contest, the Academy provides beginning, intermediate and advanced classes for people of all ages interested in learning the Olympic sport.

Fencing involves handling a blade (one of three types: epee, foil and sabre) in strategic competition against a dueling opponent. Safe for children and adults alike due to dulled blades and protective covering, fencing challenges the stability, patience, coordination and swiftness of participants. It’s great for developing cardiovascular strength, muscle mass, quick reaction time, self-control and even the ability to think quickly and critically.

A coach for more than 15 years, Emara began fencing at the age of 13 at the Alexandria Fencing Club in Egypt before becoming a seven-year member of the Egyptian National Fencing team. For more information on one of Peoria’s best-kept secrets, visit iBi