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For nearly a century, Easterseals Central Illinois has helped children with disabilities reach for and achieve their full potential. Today, the challenges of living with a disability are more complex than ever, while the definition of “disability” goes beyond physical conditions to include invisible, emotional, learning and social challenges.

To respond to these challenges and re-introduce the organization in a clear, contemporary way, Easterseals is launching a “brand renaissance,” energizing its volunteers and donors while engaging a new generation. With a new, orange logo evoking positivity and strength, the organization will no longer be known as “Easter Seals,” but rather, Easterseals—all one word. The brand also includes a powerful tagline—“taking on disability together”—reflecting its commitment to collaboration with other healthcare providers and community organizations.

“One thing we are not changing is who we help or how we make a difference,” adds Steve Thompson, President and CEO of Easterseals Central Illinois. “Easterseals will continue to be widely recognized as a premier provider of direct services to children with disabilities and those who love them. Going forward, we are determined to lead and inspire as we seek to change the way the world defines and views disability.” iBi