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Recruiting has taken a whole new form. Long gone are the days when people applied in person for jobs and were tracked on a spreadsheet. Organizations are now pulling out all the stops—proactively recruiting candidates, investing time defining the employer brand, paying a fortune to post open positions on career sites and social media channels, encouraging employee referrals, and hiring recruiting agencies to find the best applicants.

As the hiring process becomes more complex, costly and time-consuming, applicants are also demanding higher pay than ever before and expecting constant communication through their smartphones. Coming along with all of these trends is competition: your competitors are competing for the same people you are.

How are employers supposed to manage all of these recruiting challenges? One way is by leveraging a hiring system, commonly known as an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), which supports an organization’s recruiting efforts electronically. It can range from a modest system that simply accepts applications to a more complex system that posts jobs to multiple sites and social media; facilitates employee referrals; assesses, screens and communicates with applicants; and provides reporting on process effectiveness.

For further efficiencies, an ATS may be integrated with other HR systems. These can include a learning management system, background screening technology, a performance management system, a payroll system, and other types of HR information systems. These integrations save employers time and money. The less time spent in the recruiting process, the more time you have to handle greater priorities in your organization.

Given the increasing challenges of recruiting, AAIM has made it a priority to assist our member companies in improving the talent acquisition process. One resource we provide is an ATS especially developed for small and midsized companies. This system, AAIMTrack, is an effective and affordable solution for recruitment and applicant tracking, with premium features such as hiring assessments and an employee referral portal. It is also integrated with the AAIMCheck background screening and drug testing platform, which supports our world-class, accredited screening services.

The features and benefits of AAIMTrack include:

The basic version is provided free with an AAIM membership, while Pro and Premium upgrades are priced at 20 percent below comparable systems, making it an affordable solution to your hiring needs. Systems like AAIMTrack provide your organization a competitive edge. Your jobs are posted on popular online job boards, you are in constant communication with applicants, and you can interview higher-quality candidates because the system helps you screen effectively.

With AAIMTrack, members can minimize expense, optimize their time, and maximize employee hiring and retention. A streamlined hiring process will allow you to shift valuable time toward strategic priorities and provide you with the reporting platform required for continuous improvement. Help your organization move ahead in recruiting, instead of simply trying to keep up! iBi

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