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The DPC model is uniquely focused on the relationship between physician and patient.

UnityPoint Health – Peoria recently announced the opening of a new medical practice—and a unique primary care model right here in Peoria. Under this model, UnityPoint Health – Junction Medical, located in Junction City at 5901 N. Prospect Road, Suite 101B, is focused on building a closer relationship between the physician and the patient.

UnityPoint Health – Peoria is pleased to announce the association of Drs. Anton Grasch and Mike Jongerius as physicians in this new practice. Dr. Grasch is a graduate of the Eastman School in Rochester, New York, and received his medical degree from the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine at Springfield. He completed his family medicine residency with the University Of Illinois College Of Medicine at Peoria and UnityPoint Health – Methodist. Nutrition, exercise and wellness are passionate areas of interest for Dr. Grasch, and communication and trust are vital to developing successful and inspiring patient relationships.

Dr. Mike Jongerius has been a family physician in the Peoria area for nearly three decades. Upon his graduation from the University of Missouri School of Medicine in 1981, he completed a three-year family practice residency at York Hospital in Pennsylvania. In 1984, he began his practice of medicine at Carver Health Center. He has also provided family practice services at Princeville Medical Center, University of Illinois Family Practice and UnityPoint Clinic – Family Medicine – Peartree. Having developed a deeper understanding of the complexities of our health system, Dr. Jongerius is passionate about providing patients with access, efficiencies and personal service. In addition, he has special interests in chronic disease management and dementia.

Improving the Patient Experience
The Junction Medical practice will operate under a medical model called Direct Primary Care (DPC), which offers an efficient and seamless patient experience. DPC lowers administrative burdens and reduces overall costs while still providing a full spectrum of health and wellness services. Junction Medical will have fewer patients, which helps create more time for physicians and staff to support patients outside scheduled appointments, giving patients easier access to same-day appointments and after-hours care. This allows for greater communication and relationship-building between physicians and their patients.

Patients will also have unprecedented access to their physicians. When they visit the office, they can expect a longer visit with their provider, who is keenly focused on keeping them well and building a lasting bond. The result is a healthier employee who is more likely to avoid costly visits to the hospital. A DPC patient’s experience can include:

Through DPC, UnityPoint does not bill insurance. Rather, patients who join UnityPoint Health – Junction Medical pay a monthly fee, which includes all office visits and a variety of additional services. Employers may subsidize that fee for their employees through their employee health plans, while households with multiple members receive a 10-percent discount applied to their total monthly fee.

There are no contracts and no registration, termination or enrollment fees, and patients may cancel with a 30-day written notice. In addition, discounts are provided for patients who pay quarterly or annually. Among the routine tests and procedures included in the monthly fee are:

The Direct Primary Care model is uniquely focused on the relationship between the physician and the patient, including increased time together and opportunities to connect in formats beyond traditional office visits. Communication is available in a number of formats, facilitating excellent care and building relationships. No longer will employees have to be concerned about copays or fees-for-service, because a flat monthly fee covers everything.

Your DPC providers are patient-advocates within the healthcare system. With more time available, doctors and patients can get to know each other in a way that isn’t always available with other primary care practices. So no matter where patients are in the system—or if they are receiving care outside the system—patients remain connected. Think of Direct Patient Care as a high-performance, patient-centered, less costly alternative. iBi

Keith E. Knepp, MD, is President of UnityPoint Clinic – Peoria, and Executive Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer of UnityPoint Health – Methodist | Proctor. To learn more about UnityPoint Health – Junction Medical and Direct Primary Care, call (309) 740-4232.