A Publication of WTVP

Nonprofits are big business in Greater Peoria. Whether big or small, national or local, nonprofits have a large impact on our community—not only as employers, but also on the economy and quality of life. The work we do matters. Think about a month, a week, a day in your life… somehow, even in the most miniscule way, you are impacted by a nonprofit. The investments made to nonprofits today will impact our businesses in the future. Next to manufacturing and healthcare, nonprofits are one of the largest employment sectors for our region.

Our nonprofit leaders and their volunteer board members have a pulse on the needs of our region, and here at the CEO Council, we are no exception. As a 501(c)(3) foundation, our member-driven organization focuses on large-scale projects that help move the needle for our region in a positive way. Our mission is to utilize our collective regional business leadership to promote a common vision and strategies for executing initiatives that promote the growth of Greater Peoria. By utilizing the power of our local business and community leaders, we are invested in developing the Greater Peoria Region as a destination to work, live and play.

Our foundation wouldn’t exist without our membership. Their involvement, influence and investments are the lifeline of the CEO Council. Ask our members why they are involved with our organization and a few may say for the networking and partnerships, but many, if not all, would say it’s because of our history of results and their excitement for the initiatives we create. Even in an economic situation in which the destination of dollars are being re-evaluated, contributions to the CEO Council remain consistent.

We continue to be a critical asset for our community and the businesses that are represented in our membership—so much so, that other nonprofits are taking notice. Several of our members are in the nonprofit sector, from the Heart of Illinois United Way and Children’s Home Association of Illinois to newer members including the Peoria Riverfront Museum and Easter Seals. They know how to work under pressure and find creative ways to get the job done while incurring budgetary, staffing and funding issues. These business leaders are vital in rounding out the leadership that is the CEO Council.

Our members—who volunteer their time, talent and treasures—lead the CEO Council to our successes, which in turn, become the region’s successes. There is no better time than now to roll up our sleeves and make real progress in our communities. iBi