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At UnityPoint Health – Peoria, we’re committed to helping your business provide outstanding benefits to your employees. It’s important. A healthy workforce is a more productive workforce—and providing great benefits is one of the ways you make your business a great place to work, attracting and retaining the workers you need. That’s why we’re rolling out a new self-funded initiative designed to help you provide the high-quality health coverage your employees expect.

UnityPoint Health Plus is a solution for your self-funded plan, created for employers with 25 or more employees. We’re leveraging our comprehensive network of providers to deliver customized and coordinated care to your employees while keeping your costs down. And service is local: participants will have access to customer service right here in central Illinois.

This initiative includes a level funding option, which means you’ll pay a budgeted, flat amount each month. Your employees will have access to a regional network of more than 1,700 providers, plus a comprehensive wrap network in an expanded geographic area. And the service is personal. Local teams are available to answer your questions and assist your employees.

So how do you know if UnityPoint Health Plus is right for your company? Consider the benefits. With a traditional health insurance plan, you get a one-size-fits-all policy. Not with us. UnityPoint Health Plus is designed specifically to meet the needs of your workforce. And unlike traditional insurance plans, you control your own reserve and can earn interest income. Coverage is not mandated by the state, and no state taxes are due. You’ll pick your network with full access to claims data, timely reporting and no community rating requirements. It’s more flexible than traditional insurance plans.

UnityPoint Health Plus also includes services to help your employees stay well. You’ll receive a comprehensive package of health management services, including health risk assessments, on-site screenings and biometrics, health coaching, and employee engagement tools. A healthy workforce is good for your employees and good for you. That’s why we’re committed to being your partner in wellness.

With UnityPoint Health Plus, your employees will have access to dozens of clinics conveniently located in neighborhoods across the region. And these clinics aren’t one-size-fits-all; there’s one to meet the needs of each of your employees.

We all want healthy employees, and we want to provide them with outstanding benefits—without breaking the bank. UnityPoint Health Plus can do that. In conjunction with your broker and third-party administrator, a solution can be designed to meet your specific needs. So let’s talk, and we’ll create a custom solution for your business. iBi

Tony Schierbeck is Vice President, Commercial Accounts/Sales/Government Relations, at UnityPoint Health – Peoria. He can be reached at [email protected] or by calling (309) 671-8357.