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With the roster of accused perpetrators growing longer by the day, many are wondering how to shift workplace cultures from #MeToo to #NoMore.

"As confronting as it may be, women must stand up and call out sexual harassment and assault every time it happens," says Janet Zaretsky, business success and confidence coach and author of Where'd My Confidence Go…And How Do I Get It Back?. "Women often don't speak out of the fear that they cannot handle the repercussions. To be confident about who you are—and that you can handle effectively what happens when you stand up for yourself—is critical if we, as a culture, are going to end the era where sexual harassment is the norm."

Zaretsky offers the following tips for any woman who wants to overcome self-doubt and experience real confidence and power in the face of any circumstance, including sexual harassment and other inappropriate behavior:

"Sexual assault and harassment are pervasive throughout our society, and if anyone has doubted how underreported they are, all they have to do is watch the news," Zaretsky adds. "Women owe it to themselves and each other to do everything they can to rediscover their confidence, stand up for themselves, and be powerful agents of change." Learn more about Zaretsky’s work and her newly-published book at iBi