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With most emails you send, you are typically looking for a response. Yet poorly written emails are often left to gather digital dust in someone’s inbox, for various reasons: tone, length, too much information, too little, etc. Boomerang, a leader in email productivity software, recently analyzed 5.3 million emails to see which messages prompted a response from the recipient. Alex Moore of the Boomerang Blog summarizes their top six tips:

  1. Use short sentences with simple words; shoot for a third-grade reading level.
  2. Include one to three questions.
  3. Don’t forget the subject line—aim for just three or four words.
  4. Use a slightly positive or slightly negative tone. Both outperform a completely neutral tone.
  5. Take a stand: opinionated messages see higher response rates than objective ones.
  6. Write enough, but not too much. Messages between 50 and 125 words are ideal. iBi