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Building community well-being is not unlike building a house.

Community well-being is the set of values, principles, policies and programs which enable everyone to reach their potential and fully contribute to a community.

The mission of the Human Services Collaborative is to build a greater Peoria area by recognizing the impact of—and leveraging support for—everyone’s well-being.

Well-being is built just like a home is built.
A home is not a collection of boards and nails and shingles. It contains all those pieces and more, but it doesn’t become a great place to live until everything is correctly fastened together.

Similarly, a community provides well-being when everyone can access economic stability as well as educational, cultural and social opportunities; everyone has medical care; and everyone feels cared for and safe. Only then can individuals reach their full potential.

Constructing a house requires a team of specialists to coordinate Their Work.
To build a house, architects, electricians, plumbers and others must coordinate their efforts and work together. The Human Services Collaborative is proud to be part of the “construction crew” in the Peoria area. This group of agencies partners with businesses, the healthcare industry, educational institutions, law enforcement and cultural entities to build community well-being.

Their team of highly-trained specialists in human services includes, but is not limited to: mental health clinicians, caseworkers, court advocates for both children and adults, child care specialists, physical therapists, disaster response team members, youth leadership mentors, sexual assault therapists, group home monitors, job coaches for disabled adults, teachers for autistic children, shelter supervisors, educational tutors, transportation specialists, health advocates and administrators.

Every home needs a strong foundation.
A house will crumble if it is not built with stout footings, strong walls and a solid floor. A community will also crumble if it is not built with a team of competent and accountable leaders, varied employment opportunities, a good education system, adequate housing and transportation, cultural advantages, accessible healthcare, law and order, etc.

The building blocks of human service programs are a meaningful mission, a committed board of directors, a competent and caring staff, a realistic strategic plan and a stable financial base.

Construction is a process, not an event. Ongoing maintenance is part of the job.
Homes are in need of continual cleaning, repair, preventative care, and perhaps remodeling as time goes on. Similarly, as people age or have new experiences, they need different kinds of training and developmental supports.

Human service professionals are proactive and adapt their services to address changing community needs, as well as providing a plethora of prevention programs to thwart future problems.

Homes can be threatened by unpredictable weather.
Individuals, too, can be threatened by an economic downturn, disasters, unexpected illnesses or accidents, and other kinds of unforeseen challenges. The well-being of a community is critical in helping its residents weather their individual storms.

Investing in the well-being of the Peoria area takes everyone and everyone benefits. It is worth the build. iBi