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America’s local and regional public park agencies are a critical part of our economy. When spending at local and regional parks is combined with that of national and state parks, public parks are responsible for more than $200 billion in annual economic activity, according to research conducted by the Center for Regional Analysis at George Mason University.

Investments in local and regional parks not only raise the standard of living in our neighborhoods, towns and cities—they also spark activity that can ripple throughout the economy. With this in mind, park districts play an important role in connecting all parts of our community as we work to become healthier: physically, mentally and economically.

At the Peoria Park District, we believe that:

While the Peoria Park District has worked since its 1894 inception “to enrich life in our community through stewardship of the environment and the provision of quality recreational and leisure opportunities,” we must continue this work with an eye on diversity. We are committed to strengthening our community and our workplace, as we strive for our staff to look more like all those that we serve. We are committed to equity of experiences as we make our programs available to everyone through program scholarships. We are committed to Peoria. iBi

Emily Cahill is executive director of the Peoria Park District.