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Jessica Kathleen Young, Esq., CCHP serves as senior counsel for Advanced Correctional Healthcare, Inc., the nation’s largest jail healthcare provider, which treats approximately 35,000 patients in 300 correctional facilities across 17 states. Her primary role is to manage litigation nationwide for the company. Under Young’s leadership, ACH has substantially decreased its per-patient rate of litigation—a significant change that demonstrates her commitment to improving patient care and outcomes.

Young has led the way in developing training measures to improve quality and safety, and her education and training role isn’t limited to employees. She regularly trains sheriffs, jail administration and other law enforcement officials at statewide conferences, and she is a renowned lecturer on correctional healthcare topics, partnering with the National Commission on Correctional Healthcare to encourage improvements at jails, prisons and juvenile detention centers across the country. Five years ago, she became the first national lecturer on the constitutional rights of transgender inmates, her most requested topic to date. She has also worked to revitalize ACH’s training program through the launch of an advanced learning management system capable of reaching more employees and providing computerized, micro-trainings unique to the situations they face.

Young has been recognized by her ACH peers within the company’s employee recognition program, and she has been nominated twice for its prestigious PIC award. Last year, she received her Certified Correctional Health Professional (CCHP) certification.

When Young’s mother-in-law passed away from brain cancer in 2016, she become deeply involved in fundraising for the Monica Young Memorial Scholarship, intended to assist students with learning disabilities in furthering their education through a trade, technical or vocational school, university, or college. She also gives back to the following organizations: Concerns of Police Survivors, Crossroads United Methodist Church, Disabled American Veterans, Heart of Illinois United Way, Hudson Link for Higher Education in Prison, Mental Health America, Methodist Family Child Care Center, and the National Center on Addiction & Substance Abuse. iBi