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Easterseals Central Illinois is excited to announce the launch of a new school for children with autism and other neurological disorders. The Easterseals Central Illinois Learning Academy (ESLA) will open in Germantown Hills on September 5, 2017, providing education to about 30 children ages five to 21. Approved by the Illinois State Board of Education, the ESLA accepts referrals directly from school districts that turn to Easterseals for specialized services representing best practices in the field of special education.

Students referred to the ESLA have individual plans reflecting the need for intensive and specialized educational services. Overall programmatic outcomes for each student include improving academic achievement, responsible and adaptive behavior, functional communication skills, and appropriate social interactions.

The classrooms at ESLA are highly structured, positive learning environments that build self-esteem and encourage achievement. The curriculum is evidence-based, yet tailored to each student’s individual learning style and unique needs. Licensed special education teachers are trained in research-based instructional strategies and teaching techniques, including behavioral assessment, applied behavior analysis, sensory integration, communication and social/emotional intelligence. By adapting content and instruction when needed, they differentiate instruction to meet student learning needs.

Along with a gymnasium, kitchen, cafeteria, conference space, administrative office and nursing office, the Learning Academy has a fully-equipped sensory integration room, speech-therapy treatment room and occupational/physical therapy treatment room to support the development of each student in independent functioning such as self-regulation, communication and mobility. Learn more at, or call (309) 686-1177 for more information. iBi