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It’s 2017, and 3D printers have been around long enough for even the least tech-savvy among us to know something of their potential. From simple plastic widgets to advanced applications in the healthcare industry and beyond, 3D printing holds the promise of a made-to-order, customized future. And now, practical applications of the technology are spreading into even the most “pedestrian” of areas.

In September, Running Central announced a partnership with Superfeet—the world's largest producer and distributor of premium insoles and inserts—and tech giant HP Inc. to bring a new level of customization to its footwear offerings. Shoppers at the Peoria retailer can now receive a custom 3D foot scan and gait analysis to determine a precise fit unique to their foot shape, along with a scientific recommendation for the best off-the-shelf footwear offerings. The collected data can then be used to manufacture personalized ME3D insoles using HP’s new FootStation platform. Running Central is one of just 11 retailers nationwide to host the technology.

Nearly three quarters of the U.S. population could benefit from a supportive insole, according to Superfeet; walkers and runners, in particular, can vouch for the comfort benefits to be found in a well-fitting pair of shoes. The new partnership means consumers no longer have to settle for mass-manufactured insoles and footwear: the highly accurate data points collected at Running Central, combined with the submillimeter precision of 3D printing, ensures the most supportive insoles possible for an individual’s foot shape and movement—a product as unique as the individuals themselves. iBi

For more information, visit or call Running Central at (309) 676-6378.