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“What happens when the Great American Dream takes on a British accent in a Midwestern village?” The answer was revealed in July at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta, when Her Majesty’s Tea Room of Dunlap, Illinois earned national recognition for its "unique brand experience inspired by all things British."

ICON HONORS, the signature event of AmericasMart Atlanta, recognizes businesses and brands that are doing extraordinary things in pursuit of their dreams. Retailers, manufacturers, sales agencies and service providers were eligible to pursue honors in 16 categories; the winners were selected by experts drawn from the world of design, manufacturing and product development. Her Majesty’s Tea Room at Fairchild’s was the only retail store in the country to take home the prestigious award.

“We were honored and humbled to win the 2017 national ICON award for branding,” says Jacqueline Gillam Fairchild, co-owner of Her Majesty’s Tea Room. “My husband and I live the American Dream, having escaped the corporate rat race and followed our dreams to our own business. And not one day goes by that we don’t love every minute of it!”

Fairchild and her husband, Jerry Gillam, founded Fairchild’s in 1983, moving it to Dunlap in 1999 and opening the adjacent tea room three years later. The shop is a throwback to a bygone era of Victorian elegance, full of all things English, including memorabilia, clothing, handbags, jewelry and fine china. High tea is served by reservation, Wednesday through Saturday at 11am, in an intimate, relaxed setting holding 29 guests.

Fairchild is also a writer and novelist, whose “Hallmark-meets-Disney” works follow a similar arc. “My stories encourage all people to follow their dreams and take that leap,” Fairchild says. “All my themes are based on women being nudged to look inward and dare to follow their dreams.” iBi

Her Majesty’s English Tea Room is located at 211 N. 2nd Street in Dunlap. For more information, call (309) 243-8322 or visit