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With 63 percent of Americans using GIFs regularly, these “snackable content bites” are restructuring the future of communication. Gfycat CEO Richard Rabbat offers three GIF-inspired trends on the horizon:

1. Long form will go short form—and visual. Imagine journalists breaking up articles with GIFs that illustrate their point. Content creators will heighten engagement with long form by adapting it to an audience hungry for short form.

2. GIFs will be used to build a personal brand. As GIF creation gets easier, even the casual internet user will create their own GIFs to quickly reveal everything from their sense of humor and aesthetic to their core values.

3. The “gamification” of GIFs will spread far and wide. High-quality GIFs are already the tool of choice for gamers to share epic highlights from their gaming adventures. This trend will quickly spread to other niche groups—imagine bakers crafting visual recipe tutorials, for example. iBi