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Inappropriate behavior toward women in the workplace has sparked a national conversation about sexual harassment. The #MeToo movement exploded on social media, celebrities were embroiled in allegations of sexual misconduct, employers were sued and employees dismissed.

While this tidal wave of public attention has generated positive change, some business leaders wonder how the fallout will affect male-female working relationships down the road. Peter J. Strauss, a business owner and attorney, thinks it’s time to discuss how male-female mentoring, for example, has successfully impacted careers and companies. He believes this time of raised awareness provides an opportunity to improve mentoring and make it even more meaningful.

“A workplace is super-charged by having a mix of well-mentored men and women,” Strauss declares. “At a time when men might be pulling away from mentoring to avoid any hint of impropriety with a female colleague, we need more men to mentor women because they’ll be helping to positively change the workplace.” Strauss offers four tips to male business leaders when mentoring women:

“Male business leaders have a great opportunity here to be great role models, impactful mentors and help women continue to diversify the talent of their companies,” Strauss finishes. iBi