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DevBright offers custom software development with heavy emphasis on web, cloud and mobile-based technologies.

Founders/Management Team
Matt Scachetti, president, founded DevBright, Inc. in 2014, having served as a software developer and technology consultant since 2008. "I believe that software, correctly leveraged, can give businesses an upper hand and add direct value to their bottom lines," he says. "Since 2008, I have been focused on the strategy, design and building of software-based tooling that propels clients forward.

"In 2014, I saw an opportunity to build a company that can help small to medium-sized businesses correctly leverage practices and technology used by larger companies to secure a competitive advantage over their counterparts. This business is fascinating."

What is your company’s “elevator speech”?
DevBright solves challenges that exist between technology and real-life business operations. We connect separate systems used for mission-critical business operations, build catered online marketplaces or customer portals, improve internal efficiencies, and help propel our client’s business goals into technical solutions.

What makes your services unique or different from other solutions on the market?
We have experience and insight into how ecommerce, insurance, government, manufacturing and supply chain companies successfully leverage technology to do business efficiently and effectively. We take all of the “best-of-breed” strategies, practices and solutions used in other industries and help our clients compete at significantly higher levels by bringing winning concepts and ideas to the table. In practice, this means we look to explore custom-fit online marketplaces, connecting siloed platforms so that information instantly flows to/from disparate tools, and of course, automate, automate, automate to maximize efficiencies.

What was the “aha” moment which led to your startup?
I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. This means different things to different people, but to me, it means innovation, competition and execution. These three components equally apply in technology—and how to leverage it to win. When I realized the two complemented each other, I knew I had to start a company that specialized in helping other companies apply technology to innovate, compete and execute.

What key milestones has your company achieved so far?
DevBright was built and sustained organically, without external funding, from happy clients. We have several clients in the insurance, manufacturing and ecommerce market verticals that have all contributed to DevBright’s startup success over the past three years. For us, each new client is a new milestone—there isn’t anything more important than them.

Did you have assistance from local entrepreneurial resources, or were there other key individuals who helped you launch?
We planted our roots with Startup GP and it was the best decision we could have made. They have a very friendly entrepreneurial environment at “The Nest” [coworking space] that is invaluable for companies that are service/technology-product based. From day one, we had a professional office setting, business coaches, other entrepreneurs and raw energy to help us realize we were really starting something meaningful. The environment and attitude of success and grit is what we needed as a startup. To anyone considering starting a business, StartupGP is a great resource with tangible benefits to its members and community.

Along the journey, there have been a lot of people and organizations that have helped us become successful—too many to name. That being said, a few people and organizations went beyond “lending a hand” and really helped us gain traction, refine focus and execute. I would like to extend a sincere thank you to Randon Gettys, Greater Peoria Economic Development Council; Cesar Suarez, City of Peoria; Ross Miller, Peoria NEXT Innovation Center; Dave Johnson, Pearl Technology; Joe Vest, Karmak; Dan Newcomb, City of Pekin; and Don Dawson and Matt Machala, IT360, Inc.

What key milestones do you hope to achieve in 2018?
Our goals always focus around strengthening relationships with clients, our software engineers and business partners. In 2018 and beyond, if we focus on being a resource to them and delivering first-class service—and we value our relationships above all else—we fundamentally believe the rest of our business goals will fall into place.

What has been the biggest challenge so far on your startup journey?
The biggest challenge for DevBright has been to think about and execute for today, tomorrow and next year… all at once. This “trifocal” awareness and responsibility set has been the case for all facets of the business so far. Whether delivering software our clients commissioned us to innovate, building a dynamic and effective team, weathering the natural ups and downs of a brand-new company, or widening our opportunities for future business, we have had to wear trifocals. To be honest, this is part of the fun of it, though. Where else does one strategize and execute with a tiered perspective outside of family life?

What advice do you have for other prospective entrepreneurs?
Focus on product/service development and how you can offer value to clients, as well as how you’re going to actually close deals and gain clients and business. If you do these two things well, and put on a few additional layers of grit to persevere through the challenges, I believe you will be successful. Don’t give up, don’t forget about the customer’s perspective, and respect the value of a good reputation—and you’ll be successful in your endeavor.

Anything else you’d like to add?
If there is ever anything I can do to help encourage someone, offer advice that helped me, or otherwise, I can be reached at [email protected] and would welcome the opportunity. iBi

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