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Over 44 million American adults have a “side hustle”—that is, a way to earn extra money other than a main source of income—according to a recent report from That includes 28 percent of younger millennials (ages 18 to 26)—who are the most likely age group to have a side hustle.

Eighty-six percent of side hustlers do it at least monthly—and 36 percent of them earn an additional $500 per month (or more) by doing so. Frequency and amount earned tend to differ by generation:

Of those who earn money on the side, the majority (54%) use the extra cash to help pay for expenses, rather than as disposable income for other things. But this, too, varies across gender and political affiliation:

“A side hustle can be a great way to help pay the bills or pad your savings account on your own schedule,” says Sarah Berger, “The Cashlorette” at “It’s important to be smart about any extra income you earn. Pay down debt and take care of your monthly expenses first before adding anything to your shopping cart.” Check out the complete survey at iBi