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Major brands such as Facebook, Volkswagen and Papa John’s have endured controversies that called into question their ethical practices. This can cause an erosion in the public’s trust, which in turn eats away at the bottom line. It’s important for companies to get ahead of the curve by incorporating better ethics before damage control forces it upon them.

“Controversies and scandals in corporations have the power to shift them from moral autopilot to an energized manual control, where they are acutely aware of their actions and their impact,” says Dr. Christopher Gilbert, international ethics consultant, author and senior consultant at NobleEdge Consulting. “But it… shouldn’t require misfortune to switch things up.” Gilbert offers five steps for business leaders to help companies avoid ethical problems and elevate ethical development:

“What you think about ethics becomes your ethics,” Gilbert adds. “If you believe ethics are gray, you will find yourself in grayer and grayer situations where the choices get blurrier. Where you see, know and act with the assurance that ethics are there to tell us right from wrong, you will be put into more and more situations where the answer is obvious—despite the complexity of the circumstances.” iBi