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At the heart of any healthcare organization is primary care. For our expert providers, it’s building that trusting, meaningful relationship with the people we care for that creates better experiences, healthier outcomes, better access to specialty care services, and improved wellness education to help them go from getting well to living well. That’s why UnityPoint Health in central Illinois has built a robust network of primary care clinics with expert providers who are focused on the patient experience and providing outstanding healthcare. Period.

UnityPoint Health is growing. Along with new clinics, new care models and new physicians, we’ve welcomed some of this region’s top experts in cardiology, general surgery, vascular surgery, urology and gastrointestinal services. The addition of these specialty services within the UnityPoint Health family are improving outcomes, care coordination and care experiences for the people and communities we serve. Sure, it’s a business strategy, but it’s much more than that for me. It’s doing everything we can to help the people of central Illinois live their best lives with the people they care about most.

We recently published an article on our website about Gabriel Brian, a 20-year old who came to us for help in Pekin. This young man was in pain and had been for far too long. When we made the decision to bring Pekin Hospital into the UnityPoint Health family in 2017, we knew we would be able to do more to help people like Gabriel. He was diagnosed by Dr. Benjamin Hanshaw, who is part of our new Pekin surgery team. After a successful procedure and care plan, we are thrilled to know Gabriel is enjoying his new life with a new job, pain-free.

I’ve asked many people this question during my many years in healthcare: “If you’ve had a great healthcare experience, what made it great?” Perhaps it was the outcome of the procedure, or maybe the lab results or the stylish hospital gown? Their answers still surprise me to this day. The measure of a great healthcare experience is how we as healthcare providers make people feel. They want to know they matter to this world.

It’s the little things that truly make the difference. We as healthcare leaders spend our days crunching data and assessing new opportunities. But at the end of the day, it’s about UnityPoint Health providing the best care, the best experience and the best outcomes for people like you, every time. iBi