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Business transpires in a variety of places, and the concept of shared coworking spaces is becoming more and more common. A study by Intuit estimates up to 40 percent of the workforce could be freelancers or independent professionals by 2020—a trend that will require non-traditional workplace environments offering flexibility and shared resources. Entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers, micro-businesses, and remote and mobile workers are already discovering the benefits of these collaborative spaces.

Locally, The Nest in Peoria’s Warehouse District and Village Coworking in Dunlap offer open-floor plans and meeting rooms to foster collaboration and networking. But as the popularity of coworking continues to grow, a variety of designs and structures have developed to cater to different business needs—encompassing private offices as well as the more typical communal spaces.

Located on State Street in Downtown Peoria, the ELM Executive Business Center sits on the site of a former train station, incorporating many of the historic building’s design attributes. It’s a green building, utilizing geothermal heating and cooling, all-LED light bulbs and auto-shutoff lighting. It’s also Peoria’s newest coworking space, offering first-class, executive-style accommodations that range from coworking desks to furnished team suites—perfect for professionals who need a space to meet with clients or want executive offices without a long-term commitment.

“We have everything from single executive offices furnished at $750 a month, to general common-area workspace monthly memberships as low as $200 a month,” says Jim Bourazak, CEO of ELM Locating. These are high-end, all-inclusive office suites with all the typical office amenities—and no lease term is required.

By sharing space, individuals and small companies need not worry about furniture, utilities, office equipment or other typical startup expenses. The efficient pooling of resources allows coworkers and startups to save money without sacrificing cutting-edge technology or amenities. “The building offers great views of the river and downtown, as well as a back patio area for breaks or lunch,” Bourazak adds. “A walking trail nearby can be utilized as well. There are several popular restaurants and bars in the immediate area, and parking is free.”

Coworking spaces simultaneously provide both structure and flexibility, and most coworkers report a productivity boost as it eliminates the distractions that come with working from home, at coffee shops or in other public places. Coworkers can maintain their independence and set their own schedules in an environment that encourages connection with other professionals. iBi

Now through May 1, 2018, ELM Executive Business Center is offering the first month free to new tenants who sign a 12-month lease, no deposit required. For more information, visit or call (309) 360-3742.