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Just how panicked you become when you forget your smartphone may have something to do with your age. Those who were born well before cellphones (think rotary dial, ahem) can recall a time when they weren’t constantly checking in; therefore, they tend not to be as anxious as younger millennials (YMs) and Generation Z when they don’t have their phone.

That’s because most YMs have had a smartphone since they were 15—and even younger for most Gen Zers. In a November 2018 survey conducted by U.S. Cellular, 69 percent of respondents said they feel anxious or “naked” without their phones, while 55 percent would return home to retrieve their phone if they were 15 minutes away or more.

Not surprisingly, these groups rarely even talk on their phones. The majority of their device time is spent browsing the web (73%), checking social media (67%) and texting (45%). Nearly half (41%) replace their device every two years, either because it’s broken (54%) or because they want an upgrade (44%). 

But, just because YMs and Gen Zers are more attached to their phones doesn’t mean they’re rude about it. Most of them agree it’s inappropriate to use a phone in a movie theater (54%) or place of worship (64%). Work is another thing, however: 68 percent say it’s okay to use their phones in the workplace. iBi