A Publication of WTVP

Over the years, Greater Peoria has gone through many ups and downs. As a local publisher for three decades, I’ve experienced all of the disappointments and downturns, as well as the excitement of progress and new developments. What remains consistent, in good times and bad, is the work ethic and resilience of our people, which never fails to inspire.

This issue is filled with positive news about our region, as new leaders charge forward with new ideas. A decade ago, Peoria’s Warehouse District was a place of unfulfilled potential; today it thrives, with new developments building on old. Likewise, ongoing developments in Peoria Heights have built on each other, one after the next. Thanks to the vision of a California businessman who grew up in central Illinois, that momentum is growing beyond what many thought possible.

Along West Main Street, we find small-scale developers re-energizing neighborhoods, one building at a time, while larger structures like Bradley University’s new convergence center arise and take shape. From OSF’s new ministry headquarters to the Peoria Innovation Hub to the Keller Station development, there is no shortage of exciting projects in the works. Here again, we see the best new developments building on the strengths of the old.

As the world changes, we must change with it. From outlooks of mere survival, we reinvent ourselves, creatively adapting to our new environment. And our company is no exception. 

Next month, we will unveil Peoria Magazine, bringing together the best of iBi and Art & Society—business, community, lifestyle and art—in one brand-new city/regional publication. We will continue to remain focused on the business community, while expanding to include all the things that make our region great. Our regular iBi columnists will stay with us in the new format, joined by some new voices as well. 

All of our special programs and events will remain the same under the new masthead. We will continue publishing Peoria Progress twice a year. We will also expand our e-newsletter, digital content and social media presence: focused, as always, on Local, Local, Local. Where we once asked, “Will it play in Peoria?”—we now declare, “Yes, it still plays in Peoria!” 

You are our partner in celebrating the best of our community, and we sincerely thank you for your support. Look for the new publication next month, and send your feedback to [email protected]. iBi