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The diversity of jobs in the healthcare industry makes it possible for a wide range of people to pursue them.

Employment in the healthcare field is expected to grow by 18 percent from 2016 to 2026, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, but some people still shy away from a career in the medical arena. There are many different reasons for this hesitancy, including feeling squeamish about blood, not being a “people person,” or having concerns about the time and cost of education.

Fortunately, the diversity of jobs in healthcare makes it possible for a wide range of people to pursue this career path by building on their unique talents and innate abilities. Income levels in this category vary, with many positions providing a relatively high return on investment for your education dollars. Midstate College is proud to offer a variety of cost-effective programs in the areas of allied health and health information management—so you can start earning what you’re worth sooner!

Allied Health
While you may have heard the phrase “allied health,” it might still seem ambiguous. This is understandable since the field encompasses so many different job titles. These positions include non-nurse, non-physician roles like dental hygienist, medical assistant, medical office technician, occupational therapist and respiratory technologist. At Midstate College, we offer the following bachelor degree and diploma programs for those who enjoy interacting with others, including patients:

Health Information Management
If you’re interested in the fast-growing healthcare field but don’t think you’d want to work directly with patients, then this category might be right for you. A bachelor’s degree, associate degree or diploma from Midstate College will prepare you to interact with physicians, nurses, lawyers, administrators and executives, rather than work with patients:

With an aging population and continued advances in healthcare services, this field is a fantastic place for those who are just starting out—as well as those who are ready for a mid-career shift to something new. iBi

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