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In our last article, we addressed the “art” of influencing people. As promised, here are additional techniques, words and phrases that will help you communicate more effectively.

Talk Smart

I call the ability to choose the right words in a given situation “Talking Smart.” You may have a good idea for another person, but if the language you use turns that person off, then your ideas will not be well-received. You’ll find it easier to influence others if you can memorize a few simple words and phrases that will make a positive impact. Also, you can help your case by knowing which words and phrases to avoid—better yet, eliminate them from your vocabulary. Let’s first look at the positive expressions and a few examples of each. As you review them, think of the situations in your towing business where you might apply them.

Good Speaking Habits

Bad Speaking Habits

Just as there are phrases that will help you influence people, there are also phrases that can make influencing people more difficult— or make you come across as sounding weak.

Remember to be careful when you use any phrase that dictates to people what they must do. No one likes to be commanded to do things. Even if you’re the manager or owner of your own company with the authority to tell people what to do, the language you choose can make a difference as to whether or not people will willingly follow your instructions. They may do what you say, but they may not produce quality work, or worse, you may lose their respect. TPW