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What’s the one thing that women cannot live without? Whether or not we would like to admit it, the answer is MAKEUP! Most of us can’t leave the house without it. Some of us use makeup to cover blemishes, dark circles, redness or even sun spots, all the while compromising the health of our skin. Some makeup can form a layer over your skin preventing it from being able to breathe as it needs to. This, in turn, can cause clogged pores. Now there is a solution—makeup that is actually good for your skin. Can you believe it? After all these years, our skin can actually benefit from putting on makeup!

By choosing to wear a mineral-based makeup, you can avoid several of the negative effects associated with other varieties of makeup. Not only can it help improve the overall health and condition of your skin, the application is foolproof and the coverage is amazing. Many mineral-based makeup lines, such as Glōminerals, offer excellent coverage for all skin types in addition to anti-oxidant benefits and UV protection. With pharmaceutical-grade components that contain no perfumes or chemical dyes, many mineral-based products are even fitting for people with sensitive skin types. In fact, they are ideally formulated for people suffering from rosacea or have acne-prone skin.

Today’s mineral-based makeup lines are also as beautiful as they are beneficial. Many offer a wide variety of color choices as well as additional products to compliment your skin. For example, the Glōminerals cosmetic line offers various bases and foundations to choose from, stunning eye shadows and blushes, along with bronzers and beautiful lip colors to enhance your overall look. Not only can you select the color of your shadows, blushes and foundation, you can select the type of foundation you prefer. When most people think of “mineral makeup” they automatically assume their only foundation choice is a loose powder, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Most mineral-based makeup lines offer pressed bases and liquid foundations in addition to the traditional loose base.

Mineral-based makeup lines are often used at some of the most recognized events, like the Oscars, on some of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood. However, these products are available to everyone at a very affordable price. Most items are priced between $10 and $50 per product and can be purchased at your local retailer or online. You can’t turn on the television or read a magazine these days without hearing about mineral-based makeup, and what a difference it’s making in the overall appearance of women’s skin! Mineral-based cosmetic lines have made wearing makeup everyday okay. They offer great coverage while protecting and correcting your skin at the same time. Give your skin what it deserves—nurturing makeup that will make your skin look flawless! Start this year with beautiful glowing skin. TPW