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As the fall season quickly approaches, so does the anxious feeling many of us get to update our wardrobes with new clothes for the colder months. We all want to buy new, fashionable items, but it’s often hard to find the time to look through the trends and decide which ones are right for us. As we juggle busy work schedules, family and friends, shopping often takes a backseat to the many responsibilities we have in our daily lives. So to make life a little bit easier, here is a rundown of this season’s leading trends for fall/winter ladies’ apparel.

The general atmosphere of fashion in the upcoming months will be sleeker and more sophisticated than in previous seasons. Revealing and flirty little clothes are on the out. Women will be dressing more like women and not as much like girls. The longawaited arrival of the higher waistline could be considered this season’s most important trend.

No longer will we wonder how low they will go! As for color, we are seeing a more subdued color palette full of variations of blacks and greys. However, don’t let this bore you, because there is always room for a punch of color in accent pieces. Try a turquoise belt or scarf with your solid black suit; it will really add the right amount of flair to your ensemble.

One interesting development to note is not in what we’re buying but in how we’re buying. We’re beginning to see the start of a new, more European purchasing philosophy. American shoppers are now buying more quality, staple pieces to add to their wardrobes. We’re buying less of these items because of their expense, but the idea that they can be worn and cherished for many more seasons (even years!) to come is very appealing. This purchasing philosophy is a turn in the mindset of American consumers. Traditionally, Americans tend to buy cheaper and trendier pieces that may only last for one season, possibly two. We’ve been trained to look for discounts and sales because we feel less buyer’s remorse if money is being saved. At least once in our lives, we’ve all bought more after hearing the sales associate say, “The more you buy, the more you save!”

Looking further into general trends for the upcoming season, we will see some more significant changes in pants and skirts. In addition to the rising waistline, the skinny jean will no longer dominate stores. The wide leg trouser is back with a bang! Thankfully, the beloved fuller pant is sure to get a warm welcome from women whose bodies were not exactly flattered by the ultra tight pants of previous seasons. But don’t discard this trend altogether because skinny jeans will continue to be prevalent and fashionable in the upcoming months. We’ll also notice that skirts are becoming more popular now than ever before. Shorter skirts (even minis) with flip hems will be one of the most popular styles. In contrast, longer chic pencil skirts with higher waists will be just as important for fall and winter.

A great layering piece to wear with pants and pencil skirts is the tunic. Tunics are not for everyone, but they can be adapted to flatter most body types. Experiment with them to find what looks good on your individual body. For instance, if you want to accentuate your small waist, add a belt to the tunic to give some shape to your body. Big, chunky belts are not the only style out there anymore—skinny belts are making their way back onto the scene as they amplify the sleek and polished look of the season.

Another prominent trend in the fall 2007 season moving forward into the winter and even spring of 2008 is the pronounced sleeve in interesting shapes. Sleeves will be fuller and even bell-shaped in shorter lengths. All sleeve lengths (long, onehalf, three-quarter, etc.) will be accepted as layering becomes more important for seasons to come. The layering trend is one that you’ll definitely want to embrace, not only for its functionality but for its ease in transitioning from one season to the next.

Transition pieces such as sweater coats and cardigans are must-have items in every woman’s wardrobe. Knits will be very popular in different textures, especially in quilted patterns. You’ll see that knits will be included in just about all apparel items, from jackets to dresses. In outerwear, the two trendiest styles will be the cropped bomber jacket and the belted coat. We’ll see the continuing trend of three-quarter length sleeves incorporated into the bomber jacket. The tailored, fitted cuts on belted coats will yet again provide another example of the sleek, polished look. Some important outerwear details to take note of will be large buttons and collars, double-breasted closures, borders and piping with stitch interest.

Finally, for the businesswoman, is the return of the conservative matched suit. Pieces are meant to be worn together, not mixed and matched. Look for solid suits in bold colors. Some suits may even have an added flair with fur or metallic details. Anything goes, as long as it’s simple. Add an accent piece such as a scarf, chunky bangle bracelets or heels in a complementary color. But don’t overdue it with too many accessories. Remember the simplicity and sophistication of the trend—be chic, not flashy. TPW